Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brother Mace: See me, Hear me

     Most of you know I lost my brother Mace in 1997. It was a devastating blow and I was tearful every day for a full four months.
     I was fortunate to have visited Hawaii just 30 days before he make'. (Died for you non-Hawaiians.) We spent a full day rock climbing together on the cliffs above Mokuleia. I told him I loved him.
     I regret not saving some of his emails. One of his last closed with: Brother Mace loves Sister Lori.
     Back in the mid-80's he worked aboard the Hawaiian Cruise Line and he sent me a cassette tape of himself and big band music. I almost threw it out when I moved to California. My hand holding the cassette hovered over the garbage can. My mind screeched to a halt and the world pushed pause. My inner voice said, "One day you will wish you had this." So I kept it, packed it, and moved it to California. After he passed, I put it into the safe box at B of A. One day, I thought, I'll be able to do something with this.
     That day came when, several years ago, a friend of mine digitized the cassette. So sometimes I sit in my house and listen to Mace talk to me. Technology is amazing.
     Recently, his friends created a facebook memorial page. Isn't that interesting? That after more than a decade, his friends have created a page and are posting old photos of my bro. It is really very moving and points to how he touched people and the way they were left... feeling love and loved.
     So tonight, with some help from his friend Arnie, I have posted his voice in a cloud and a link to the cloud on the memorial page. And now you too can listen to my brother for seven minutes and twenty-six seconds. AMAZING!!!!
Here's z link:


  1. I think the link is working now. I had difficulty getting it to share! You know that sharing thing is sticky!!!

  2. Cool. More folks should record their loved ones. I have a tape of George giving his testimony to the Full Gospel Businessmen, and from our wedding - our vows. Such a comfort. Until we meet again.

  3. OMG Patricia!!! THAT is more than awesome!!!
    A hui hou kakou = until we meet again. That one's for George.